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It helps emergency management, business continuity and critical infrastructure professionals, emergency services, volunteer and professional emergency management related groups and associations network, share best practices and challenges with the belief that our collective efforts can be greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

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Provides members with information sharing and collaboration tools to help them fulfill their responsibilities more effectively and efficiently. These tools include a member directory, blogs on key emergency management topics, discussion forums, knowledge base wikis, links to professional and social media and an activity highlights section to make it easier for members to follow recent activity

Strategic Planning – Regional Provision of Joint Municipal Fire Suppression

Rather than providing an example of collaboration, this article highlights the efforts of four communities that are seeking to collaborate on joint municipal delivery of regional fire services. Any suggestions you can provide them will be appreciated.

There are four communities east of Regina which are seeking advice and input on creation of joint municipal delivery of regional fire services.  Moving beyond the mutual aid agreements, these communities are looking to share capacity.  They are looking for areas which have considered or implemented this type of structure in the past.  And they are also seeking out a consultant to assist with developing the organizational structure and financing models.

Upcoming Collaboration Opportunity – Emergency Services / Emergency Management

There are always opportunities to collaborate within ones emergency management and business continuity program to continuously improve the program, but there is an opportunity coming up in April for collaboration on a national scope which I believe requires special mention. It is the “Emergency Services Management” in Canada conference and the potential PTSC-Online has to facilitate collaboration following the conference.

An Emergency Communications Shortfall: The Elliott Lake Mall Collapse

The preliminary findings of the Public Inquiry into the Elliott Lake Mall Collapse leads to a communications shortfall.

The Elliott Lake Public Inquiry is getting it correct. Much of the frustration both Elliott Lake community members and the broader Ontario audience experienced, resulted from lack of implementing an up-to-date emergency communications strategy.

As the preliminary findings of the public inquiry indicate, there was not skilled communications personnel on site or on the emergency response team in the Elliott Lake community when needed most…at the onset, during the response, and in the recovery of this disaster.

Both municipal governments and emergency managers need to take note of these findings. Your reputation is at stake when you fail to meet the fast paced demands by the community when such incidents occur.

Gone are the days of ‘issuing a news release’ and all will be well. The convergence of social media and smart phone technology has thrown the media cycle timetable out the door with yesterday’s trash. Sadly, local government, emergency managers and much of the broader emergency response community have still to learn this simple truth.

I’m posting the following CBC North news clip for your reference…it’s well worth a listen!

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