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What Everybody Ought to Know About Better Insurance

With so many kinds of policies that have been coming out these days, from vehicle insurance, to small business insurance, dental insurance quote, general health insurance and other insurance plans that cater so many different properties and variety of personal needs, it is not surprising that so many people become very confused and unsure of […]

Upcoming Collaboration Opportunity – Emergency Services / Emergency Management

There are always opportunities to collaborate within ones emergency management and business continuity program to continuously improve the program, but there is an opportunity coming up in April for collaboration on a national scope which I believe requires special mention. It is the “Emergency Services Management” in Canada conference and the potential PTSC-Online has to […]

An Emergency Communications Shortfall: The Elliott Lake Mall Collapse

The preliminary findings of the Public Inquiry into the Elliott Lake Mall Collapse leads to a communications shortfall. The Elliott Lake Public Inquiry is getting it correct. Much of the frustration both Elliott Lake community members and the broader Ontario audience experienced, resulted from lack of implementing an up-to-date emergency communications strategy. As the preliminary […]

Incident communications in the age of social convergence: four competing imperatives

Social convergence impacts emergency managers and first responders in many ways. Gone are the old days of responding in quasi-isolation. This means particularly difficult new challenges for Public Information Officers. Time is a luxury no incident commander or PIO can afford. There are now four key imperatives when a disaster or emergency occurs: Respond … […]

Operational social media listening

If the bad guys can monitor social media during a terrorist attack …shouldn’t you be able to do the same thing in a crisis or disaster ? Recent events have again demonstrated the absolute necessity for organization to monitor social media during incidents or crises. This goes well beyond using social media as a communications […]

Assessing Interest in Canadian EM Program Accreditation

Are you interested in having your emergency management program evaluated by a peer review team and accredited by a recognized organization? Assessing the demand can help make this service available to Canadian entities. Please advise John Ash with IAEM Canada of your interest by Friday October 15 to help make program accreditation a reality in […]

Canadian Hospital Accreditation & CSA Z1600

I just learned that the CSA Z1600 emergency management and business continuity standard may play a part in the accreditation program for Canadian hospitals. I used the NFPA 1600 standard quite effectively for upgrading a hospital emergency management program before CSA Z1600 was available, so I was quite excited to hear that CSA Z1600 may […]